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Thursday, August 6, 1998

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Here's what The Wall Street Journal reported about one "invention promoter" (Feb 11, 1994):
". . . of 7,651 customers who had signed contracts, ‘zero have received money in excess of fees paid.'"
O'Connor Technical Systems observes the founding of "National Inventors' Month" this August by adding a free online seminar to our website. Titled "An Overview of Inventing," the seminar helps those who hope to profit from their ideas. It provides a concise, realistic perspective of the invention business which dispels the myths and highlights the pitfalls.

Everyone has had an idea for a new product, but few know the cost and risks of developing an invention. Beginners who don't understand the business are almost certain to lose money. Ron O'Connor realized that new inventors need a quick, effective briefing so they don't fall victim to their own enthusiasm. Many neglect to get directions from detailed "how-to" books because the eagerness to start a trip on the road to riches overpowers the patience needed to learn the route.

O'Connor condensed over forty years of product development and engineering experience into a series of "caution signs" for the road to successful products. Anyone wondering what to do with a great idea will be able to make informed decisions after investing less than an hour to read "An Overview of Inventing." They will get strong warnings about scam artists who charge thousands of dollars to "present your idea to industry" but give nothing worthwhile in return. Consumers are taught an easy way to recognize legitimate brokers so they can take a detour around the scams.

O'Connor Technical Systems has helped individual inventors and businesses create products and the machines to produce them since being founded in 1985 by Ronald O'Connor, a registered professional engineer. We have developed a stylish adult tricycle, machines for making Mardi Gras cups, medical apparatus, tools for nurses and many other patented machines and devices.

You can find "An Overview of Inventing" on the O'Connor Technical Systems website at www.OCTS.com - click "Free Help" to go to the overview. Mr. O'Connor is available to the media for interviews about the problems facing inventors and how to solve them.

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