Cup Personalizer

A table top hot-stamping machine for manually personalizing souvenir quality cups
Developed by O'Connor Technical Systems and Greve Technical Development

Side view of Cup Personalizer

Note: this machine is patented
U.S. Patent Number 5,443,001

Cup Personalizer - Side View
Angle view of Cup Personalizer Cup Personalizer - Angle View
Personalizer loaded with foil, type, and a plain cup ready to be stamped Cup Personalizer - Ready to Stamp
Hot-Stamping the cup Cup Personalizer - Stamping
Cup after Personalizing

This plain cup was used to illustrate the personalizing process.

Normally, it would be one from a selection of cups previously decorated with an appropriate theme for the occasion -- like birthdays, weddings, holidays, etc. Then the personal message would be added.

Personalized Cup - Simple

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