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  1. A Practical Approach to New Product Development - outlines a simple, effective way to define, plan, and control the technical aspects of product development.

  2. Manufacturing Cost Estimates

  3. Typical cost to produce a one piece plastic toy -- illustrates some stages of production which can be used when bringing a simple product to the market. Applies to many plastic parts.

We will begin adding more tips about inventing and product development on this page very soon.

The tips presented here are usually not covered in "how-to" books. This advice is intended for inventors who understand the nature of the invention business (as presented in "An Overview of Inventing"), studied the "how-to" books and may have even worked in new product development.

Tribute to J.M. Lapeyre
J.M. Lapeyre had been awarded well over one-hundred patents before his death in 1989. He founded several successful businesses based on his inventions and those businesses now provide work for about one-thousand people. O'Connor Technical Systems was fortunate to be trusted with work on several of his exciting projects and we are honored that J.M. valued our advice.

Much of the wisdom offered on these page was passed down from J.M. and the example he set. He was an inspiration and a mentor as well as a generous and fair person. We owe a lot to him and the opportunities he provided. This section is dedicated to his memory.

Read more about J.M. Lapeyre in this story from Laitram's World -- a newsletter for the many companies he started.

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