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A Consulting Service for the Beginning Inventor

YOU HAVE AN IDEA? GREAT!!! Inventing is an exciting venture and you can profit from your ideas. But, first, there's a lot you should know about the invention business. It's not as easy as some would like you to believe. So, you shouldn't be surprised when you hear . . .

"YOU HAVE AN IDEA??? SO WHAT?" For every successful invention, many great ideas fail in the marketplace and thousands are never built or tested. Transforming the simplest idea into a product can be a nightmare of effort and expense even for experienced manufacturers. Novice inventors aren't prepared for what awaits them.

BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! O'Connor Technical Systems has been developing new products since 1985. In association with Greve Technical Development, we have invented and built everything from medical devices to production machines. We now offer seminars and consulting services to first time inventors. You can use our years of experience to prepare for the work of new product development before starting an expensive project.

Many new clients decide that investing in inventions involves too much risk. But all are happy to learn how to avoid scams. Others develop their idea and do much of the work themselves to reduce costs. But they still use our guidance to make informed decisions and find better solutions. Some clients need our full services and have their product developed in a Design Studio - a facility tailored to making prototypes and custom machines. We can even be an initial liaison with manufacturers. This "ONE-STOP SHOPPING" can save many valuable months of development.

If you want to know more . . .

First, you'll learn the answers to many questions on the following pages:
Frequently Asked Questions about Inventing
   Some hi-lites of how you can benefit from our services

Product Development and Invention Services
   Descriptions of the services we offer with answers to most questions

Be sure to take advantage of our free online seminar, "An Overview of Inventing" You will learn the things you need to know before getting started in the invention business. There are also recommended books and other sources to help you learn more about inventing.

Many new inventors have used our seminars and a consultation to help them decide if inventing is for them. Then they request a Preliminary Review of their idea to get started in the right direction. These services are available at affordable fixed fees. Other services are at reasonable hourly rates. And you don't have to commit to a package - our standard agreement allows you to go only as far as you want.

We are NOT invention brokers - we don't advertise on late-night TV. And we don't use your enthusiasm to take advantage of you while appearing to offer promises of big sales and profits. What we do offer is guidance, technical expertise, and a solid base from which you can pursue the marketing of your product. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us if you need more information or to request help with your invention.

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Last Updated: Sunday, 02 August, 1998