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O'Connor Technical Systems invents and develops unique machines, devices and new products. We help define your needs and provide an efficient "one-stop-shopping" solution for reaching your goals. Owner, Ron O'Connor, was graduated from the University of New Orleans with a B.S. in mechanical engineering in 1977.

O'Connor Technical Systems (O'CTS) knows that managing innovation is a special challenge. Unlike projects based on old technology, dividing work among many specialties can decrease productivity. Information is learned constantly when exploring new ideas and it must be communicated efficiently. Separating duties obstructs the one-on-one interaction which is so vital to the effective flow of knowledge. The proven methods developed by O'CTS eliminate this problem.

The O'CTS MethodWe created a system which combines business skills with technical creative talent in an environment where inventor, engineer, fabricator, technician, analyst and businessman can work together effectively. Hands-on experience and project management expertise enable O'CTS to complete projects without involving large teams of workers. The flexible O'CTS method fully exploits the benefits of concurrent development and keeps innovation alive. Meetings waste less time because fewer people need to be involved. New technology is tested and refined quickly so complex projects get done in record time.

Rapid PrototypingO'CTS has enduring alliances with shops and associates that practice the principles of fast-track fabrication. We helped to implement the concept of a Design Studio -- a facility which looks like the dream of an industrial strength hobbyist. While a Design Studio has the usual array of machine tools, they are so thoroughly optimized for Rapid Prototyping that they would have little value to a high production machine shop. Electrical and electronics test equipment complete the picture. A design studio can make accurate and realistic production prototypes by emulating the processes used for mass production.

Practical DesignsOur unique arrangement allows the designer to be close to the work -- often completing the actual fabrication and assembly. This can eliminate the need for costly detailed drawings when only a test part or proof-of-concept device is needed. Direct involvement of the engineer means all designs will be simple, functional and easy to use. Control systems by O'CTS are "user friendly" and thoroughly integrated into the design.

Adaptive SkillsWe frequently develop new skills which benefit our clients. O'CTS reduced project documentation costs by pioneering the use of Internet technology to electronically publish technical manuals. Digital photos were used for illustrations in place of expensive drawings. We train and use capable assistants and technicians on such projects to expedite the work and reduce costs.

History of SuccessO'Connor has been awarded several patents and has a proven track record with innovative projects ranging from simple hand held-tools to computer-controlled, fully-automated production machines. Since 1985, O'CTS has served international companies as well as private individuals. We have been consultants on Small Business Development Center projects and we conduct seminars for novice inventors. O'Connor Technical Systems is ready to quickly serve all the unique components of your entire project.

Articles about O'CTS and our projects

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Last Updated: Sunday, 02 August, 1998