O'Connor Technical Systems

If you are an Experienced Inventor in a small business . . .

You've developed new products and already know the process and the risks. You'll be happy to find that we speak your language. We will combine our expertise with yours to refine and develop ideas in record time. Most small businesses don't have the facilities to develop new products in-house. That's why we deliver complete Product Development Services. It won't be necessary to complicate the process by involving a multitude of outside fabricators and machine shops because we use a Design Studio that was built to do the work.

A Design Studio is a state-of-the-art facility specifically tailored to the rapid prototyping needs of new product development. We use sophisticated, highly flexible, custom designed machines instead of dedicated, high production, standard tools. This means we can quickly produce the prototypes needed to test new concepts. For final production prototypes of new products, we use methods specially selected to simulate the chosen production processes. This means that what you see will be as close as possible to your final mass produced product.

When your idea is ready for production we can also develop custom machines for efficient manufacturing. While we always strive to design a product such that it can be made using standard processes, occasionally the available production machines don't exactly meet your needs. That's when you will benefit once again from our flexible design and fabrication methodology. We target your specific needs and produce a machine or tool that is a perfect match.

Tell us about your new product needs or machine and tool problems and let us help you solve them.

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Last Updated: Sunday, 02 August, 1998