O'Connor Technical Systems

If your company has a machine shop and production equipment . . .

Your production facilities could make a prototype of your new product idea, but you've probably found that getting your custom work in and out of the system is cumbersome. Even worse, it's difficult to communicate your new concept to those who have their hands full trying to make current products. And, if you're just trying to test your latest brainstorm, you may even wish to keep it under wraps to avoid generating rumors about what may be in the works.

At O'CTS, our job is to invent new products and the machines to make them. We also know the business of new product development so we will understand your goals and find a product design that will help you achieve them. When you're ready to test your ideas, we get results faster than your own shop because we use a Design Studio that is built for rapid prototyping and custom machine design. We are not encumbered by the procedures that production facilities need for efficient, high volume manufacturing. Even if you have an in-house prototype shop, you can still benefit from our services since we can simulate many production processes in addition to the ones that you use for your current products.

And, whether you're developing a new product or looking for a way to save money producing current products, O'CTS can develop and fabricate a production machine that fits your needs.

Let us help you develop ideas and get products to the market faster and cheaper.

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Last Updated: Sunday, 02 August, 1998